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Table 1 Content statistics and stringency triages for the combination of MCD and TGD.

From: Analysis of in vitrobioactivity data extracted from drug discovery literature and patents: Ranking 1654 human protein targets by assayed compounds and molecular scaffolds

Entity Type Count
Total records 4442492
Unique compound structures 2856336
Unique compound structures from patents 2118101
Unique compound structures from journals 846026
Total quantitative assay results 10294189
Quantitative assay results from papers 5149097
Quantitative assay results from patents 5145092
Total documents 127330
Journal articles 79487
Patents 47843
Type-B assay results 4841851
Target names (all species) with type-B assay results 5334
Protein identifiers (all species) with type-B assay results 4043
Human proteins with type-B assay results 1736
Human gene identifiers with type-B assay results 1654
Unique compounds linked to human protein identifiers with type-B assay results 823179