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Figure 2

From: Linked open drug data for pharmaceutical research and development

Figure 2

TripleMap is a web-based application that provides a rich, dynamic, visual interface to integrated RDF datasets such as the LODD. On the left hand side of the application a researcher uses an icon-based menu representing biomedical entities such as compounds, diseases and assays to search for entities and view their associations. Entities can be dragged and dropped from the icon menu into the application's zoomable workspace. In the middle of the application the user navigates maps of entities and their associations in the zoomable workspace much like users of Google Maps are able to scan and zoom into and out of geographically based maps. On the right hand side of the application the user can view an integrated set of all of the available properties for a selected entity. As entities are added to the workspace the system automatically generates semantically tagged edges between associated entities.

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