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Table 7 Performance for PLS and random forest models for the other set.

From: An investigation into pharmaceutically relevant mutagenicity data and the influence on Ames predictive potential

  Set A   Set B
Trained on 100% Set A    
PLS 1-component 0.72 0.73
PLS 1-component, 9 descriptors 0.67 0.73
Random Forest 0.68* 0.72
Trained on 100% Set B    
PLS 1-component all descriptors 0.65 0.80
PLS 1-component 9 descriptors 0.68 0.77
Random Forest 0.71 0.84*
  1. All of Set A or Set B is used as the training set, and the other is used as the test set.
  2. *performance when out-of-bag