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Table 1 List of default display type (engine) plugins

From: Avogadro: an advanced semantic chemical editor, visualization, and analysis platform

Name Description
Axes Renders x, y, z Cartesian axes from the origin
Ball and Stick Standard ball and stick representation
Cartoon Secondary biological structure (αhelix and βsheet)
Dipole Render direction/magnitude of dipole
  moment if present
Force Renders arrows showing forces on atoms from
  force field
Hydrogen Bond Renders hydrogen bonds as dotted lines
Label Shows labels on atoms and bonds, configurable
Overlay Overlay of color gradient used for electrostatic
Polygon Renders closed polygons of metallic centers
Ribbon Basic secondary structure ribbon rendering
Ring Renders rings in structure, different colors
  depending on ring size
Simple Wireframe Very simple wireframe display
Sticks Stick or liquorice rendering style for atoms
  and bonds
Surface Renders triangular isosurface meshes
Van der Waals Van der Waals sphere rendering (no bonds,
Spheres space-filling)
Wireframe Wireframe with more features such as bond order