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Figure 13

From: Effects of multiple conformers per compound upon 3-D similarity search and bioassay data analysis

Figure 13

Demonstrated multi-conformer effects using AID 1033. Effects of employing multiple conformers per compound upon 3-D similarity of the non-inactive compounds tested in AID 1033. Eight compounds in panel (a) are non-inactive in AID 1033. Panel (b) depicts the dendrogram that shows the 2-D similarity among the eight structures, computed using the PubChem subgraph fingerprints. The dendrograms for the 3-D shape-optimized combo-Tanimoto (ComboTST-opt) similarity are shown in panels (c) and (d) for a single conformer per compound and ten diverse conformers per compound, respectively. Panel (e) compares conformer superpositions between two of the non-inactive compounds (CIDs 668798 and 1246750). LID stands for the local identifier, which represents different conformers of a compound.

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