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Table 2 An example of rules that are safe for use with OWL ontologies

From: Structure-based classification and ontology in chemistry

OWL axiom hasAtom some RingAtom subclassOf CyclicMolecule
OWL assertions Benzene(m),singleBond(a1,a2), doubleBond(a2,a3), singleBond(a3,a4), doubleBond(a4,a5), singleBond(a5,a6), doubleBond(a6,a1), Carbon(ai),hasAtom(m,ai) for each 1≤i≤6
DL-safe rule ^1≤i≤6 Carbon(xi)^singleBond(x1, x2)^ doubleBond(x2,x3)^singleBond(x3,x4)^
  doubleBond(x4,x5)^ singleBond(x5,x6)^ doubleBond(x6,x1)→RingAtom(x1)