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Table 1 Search engine counts for terms related to atorvastatin (October 2012)

From: InChI in the wild: an assessment of InChIKey searching in Google

Search term Count
Lipitor (Trade name) Google 35.6 million
atorvastatin (International Non-proprietary Name, INN) Google 8.9 million
“134523-00-5” (CAS number) Google 65,000
"CI-981" (Park-Davis internal code) Google 10,600
“IUPAC name”(PubChem version) Google 2,060
Canonical SMILES Google (PubChem version, with “”) 877
InChI skeleton: Google XUKUURHRXDUEBC 826
InChI skeleton: Google Images ~150
InChI skeleton: Google Scholar 1
InChI full key: Google (nominally non-redundant subset) 201
InChI full key: Google Images ~140
InChI full key: Google Scholar 1
InChI full key: Bing 87
InChI full key: Yahoo 15
  1. The parameter “” can be used to fix the order in the search string to improve specificity. Note the complete InChI string could not be included due to the query box restriction to 32 words, “CID 60823” gave mostly false-positives and some of the depictions in Google image results made the counting of individual renderings difficult.