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Table 1 Sponge derived bioactive molecules in clinical and preclinical trials

From: Dragon exploration system on marine sponge compounds interactions

Name Sponge Disease Status
Discodermolide Discodermia dissoluta Cancer Phase I
E7389 Lissodendoryx sp Cancer Phase III [14]
HTI-285 (hemiasterlin derivative) Cymbastella sp Cancer Phase II
KRN-7000 Agelas mauritianus Cancer Phase I
Peloruside A Mycale hentscheli Cancer Preclinical
Salicylihalimides A Haliclona sp Cancer Preclinical
Laulimalide Cacospongia mycofijiensis Cancer Preclinical
Variolins Kirkpatrickia variolosa Cancer Preclinical
Dictyodendrins Dictyodendrilla verongiformis Cancer Preclinical
Manoalide Luffariaella variabilis Antipsoriatic Phase II/discontinued
Bengamide derivative Jaspis sp Cancer Phase I/discontinued
Girolline Pseudaxinyssa cantharella Cancer Phase I/discontinued