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Table 1 Molecules active against Mtb evaluated in TB Mobile app

From: TB Mobile: a mobile app for anti-tuberculosis molecules with known targets

Molecule Name Notes from literature TB Mobile results most similar Reference
L2-04 Proposed target is Alr SahH (D-cycloserine ranked 12th) [45]
L2-05 Proposed target is Alr SahH [45]
L2-06 Proposed target is Alr SahH [45]
L2-10 Proposed target is Alr DapA [45]
L2-12 Proposed target is Alr SahH [45]
L2-13 Proposed target is Alr ThiL [45]
NC00094221 Proposed target is DfrA EmbA, EmbB, EmbC (Isoniazid ranked 25th (DfrA)) [46]
DNB1 DprE1/ DprE2 InhA [49]
Mirandamycin Proposed-quinol oxidase FolP1, FolP2 [50]
cpd 3 Glyoxylase (rv0577) FtsZ [51]
377790 DprE1 ThiL [9]
Pyridomycin InhA Def (InhA ranked 2nd) [43]
Gliotoxin Not described Mca (Molecule in database) [9]
A039 Glycerol dependent InhA [9]
C215 MmpL3 Cyp51, Cyp121,Cyp130 [9]
Oxyphenbutazone none InhA [48]
7759844 Mt-Guab2 InhA [52]
GNF-NITD 46 Inhibit ATP homeostasis Dxs1 [8]
GNF-NITD 82 Inhibit ATP homeostasis CysH [8]
GNF-NITD101 Inhibit ATP homeostasis SahH [8]