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Table 1 Various java methods from the JniInChIWrapper class

From: Applications of the InChI in cheminformatics with the CDK and Bioclipse

loadLibrary() Loads the InChI library suitable for theplatform.
getInchi(JniInchiInput) Generates an InChI for the given inputstructure, with the InChI options passedwith the input.
getStdInchi(JniInchiInput) Generates a Standard InChI for the giveninput structure.
getStructureFromInchi(JniInchiInputInchi) Generates a structure from an InChI string(without coordinates).
getInchiKey(String) Converts an InChI into an InChIKey.
checkInchi(String, boolean) Check the validity of a (non-standard) InChIeither loosely or strict.
checkInchiKey(String, boolean) Check the validity of a (non-standard)InChIKey either loosely or strict.
JniInchiInput(List) Constructor allowing you to set the InChIgeneration options as a List of Strings.
addAtom(JniInchiAtom) Adds an atom to the input structure.
addBond(JniInchiBond( Adds a bond to the input structure.
addStereo0D(JniInchiStereo0D) Adds a tetrahedral, bond, or allenestereochemistry element to the inputstructure.