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Table 6 Design space for computational nucleic acids

From: In-silico design of computational nucleic acids for molecular information processing

Type Maximum no. Length range
Helix - 4–15
Hairpin Loop 0–3 4–15
Internal Loop 0–3 2–8
Bulge 0–1 1–8
Junction 0–3 4–8
OBS 2 15–22
Linker 2 0–5
  1. Design space for computational nucleic acids derived from potential candidates reviewed in [30]. As reported in our previous work [30], we have compiled a database of natural small catalytic nucleic acids and synthetically developed functional nucleic acids. Using this database, we have extracted the structural features that are common across these molecules. The column “Maximum no.” refers to the number of occurrences for each secondary structure element and the corresponding column “Length Range” represents the length for each element.