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Table 1 Main features of non-commercial programs to generate 2D diagrams of protein-ligand interactions

From: LeView: automatic and interactive generation of 2D diagrams for biomacromolecule/ligand interactions

  LigPlot+ PoseView LeView
   website version  
reference [1, 2] [3] this paper
availability academic licence free GNU licence
  commercial licence   
ligand detection + - +
number of entries several entries 1 several entries
  and alignment   
GUI + - +
customisation + - +
type of hydrogen bonds, hydrogen bonds, hydrogen bonds,
interactions hydrophobic interactions hydrophobic interactions nearby residues,
    water-mediated H-bonds
output format PS PDF PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF
    SVG, EPS, flat text
  1. This table shows exclusively non-commercial programs. A commercial standalone version of PoseView is available but only the free website version of PoseView is considered here. GUI means Graphical User Interface.