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Figure 1

From: Visualizing chemical structure-subcellular localization relationships using fluorescent small molecules as probes of cellular transport

Figure 1

MOVID integrates off-the-shelf hardware and software components to combine machine vision, cheminformatics and data visualization capabilities. A) Multiscreen workstation set up allowed switching between different applications with the click of a mouse. B) Four-sided virtual image display constructed in Second Life. C) Frontal view of one of the four sides of the virtual image display. The background lighting has been dimmed and images are displayed in grey scale mode. Yellow panels contain image labels and chemical structure information. Blue bars at the bottom of the page are control buttons of the virtual reality browser. D) Picture of the multiscreen workstation, showing one of the image displays. The avatar is floating in the middle of the bottom two panels, between the screens, with the avatar’s head immediately below the intersection of the four screens.

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