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Table 1 The content of the elnItemManifest

From: First steps towards semantic descriptions of electronic laboratory notebook records

Element Description Qualifier Notes
elnItemManifest Definition of the ELN item manifest itself UnitType Allow a system to indicate the nature of the unit - i.e. multiple ELN records, an individual record, or a component of record, such as a spectrum or reaction.
Title Short, human-readable, text string to assist when viewing this record in a list: helps the reader to determine whether record is of interest   
Keywords [Optional] Text strings that might assist in searching or categorising KeywordSet A list of terms
Identifiers Unique handles that identify this record IdentifierSet Primary string, URI, or item in any other format that enables this record to be located uniquely in the originating system
  OtherLocalIdentifier [Optional] Alternative means of locating record in the originating system
  AccessIdentifier [Optional] URI that provides a direct link to the content. If included, must be a ‘linked data’ URI giving open access
Contact Specifies who or what to contact for more information. ContactOption Could be: e-mail address, system URI, or brief instruction. Expect to get some sensible reply when contacting this person or system with the localIdentifier specified.
LicensingBasis [Optional] Indication of basis for licensing   e.g. Creative Commons
Contributors List of contributory people, organisations, etc. ContributorSet For example, Author, Funding Body, PI, institution. Plain text, but name ideally complemented by unique identifiers
Source String describing the system that generated this data.   Generally identifies vendor, software package and version (resembles a browser user agent)
Date One or more datestamps DateSet Dates on which this record was created; on which any embargo ends; for associated publication; or submission to conference, journal etc.
RelatedItems [Optional] List of items that might be related RelatedItemSet Nature of the related information, for example, publication or related work
  Relationship ID can be any string, but DOI preferred if the related item is a publication. Zero or more item(s) of related information
Content Items comprising the record that this describes ContentInformation A list that may comprise descriptions, file types and links to data