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Table 1 Summary of the networks we generated for each drug and diseases using different centrality measures

From: Prediction of novel drug indications using network driven biological data prioritization and integration

Drug-gene networks     
Name Source Size Number of links Centraility measure
TxtNet-DrugExt-D Text mining 2343x406 14375 Degree
TxtNet-DrugExt-B Text mining 2343x406 21443 Betweenness
TxtNet-DrugExt-C Text mining 2343x406 19890 Closeness
MirNet-DrugExt-D Microarray 2343x406 29289 Degree
MirNet-DrugExt-B Microarray 2343x406 34520 Betweenness
MirNet-DrugExt-C Microarray 2343x406 15350 Closeness
Disease-gene networks     
TxtNet-DrugExt-D Text mining 2343x22 2297 Degree
TxtNet-DrugExt-B Text mining 2343x22 2471 Betweenness
TxtNet-DrugExt-C Text mining 2343x22 1199 Closeness
MirNet-DrugExt-D Microarray 2343x22 1956 Degree
MirNet-DrugExt-B Microarray 2343x22 1885 Betweenness
MirNet-DrugExt-C Microarray 2343x22 1062 Closeness