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Table 2 A summary of KS test p-values for the landscape significance test for the BCG and BZD datasets using multiple representations

From: On the validity versus utility of activity landscapes: are all activity cliffs statistically significant?

Dataset Representation p-value Fmagnitude Fsignificant
BCG MACCS 0.010 0.063 0.063
  piDAPH3 0.307 0.050 NA
  TGD < 2.2E-16 0.214 0.211
BZD MACCS 0.098 0.050 NA
  piDAPH3 0.063 0.050 NA
  TGD 0..018 0.050 0.049
  1. Fmagnitude represent the fraction of SALI values that are identified as significant cliffs based on their magnitude being greater than a cutoff (95th percentile of the SALI values). Fsignificant is similar but only considers SALI values that are greater than the cutoff and exhibit a p-value < 0.05. If the landscape was not deemed significant, the latter was not reported.