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Figure 1

From: TCMSP: a database of systems pharmacology for drug discovery from herbal medicines

Figure 1

Database scheme and search flow chart. To obtain the Comprehensive Analysis Page (C) of a herb, users can search from (A) with Herbal name; Searching by Chemical name, InChIKey or CAS number of a compound leads to Compound Information page (B1). Searching by Target name to Target Information page (B2), Disease name to Disease Information page (B3), respectively; B1-B2-B3 are cross reference via Herbs-Compounds-Targets-Diseases (H-C-T-D) references on each page, which will all lead to the Comprehensive Analysis Page eventually. C1 offers a screening tool for compounds screening with diverse criteria. CTN and TDN could be downloaded in C2 and C3, respectively. Finally, users can save and analyze the networks in Cytoscape software or other network analysis software (C4).

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