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Table 2 Cost-benefit analysis for the deployment and utilisation of an automated artefact generation service, e.g., a service that assists with the completion of risk assessment forms

From: Usage and applications of Semantic Web techniques and technologies to support chemistry research

  Individual Organisation Service provider
Cost(s) Increased accountability;Risk of generating (and/or using) an “invalid” artefact;No opportunity to learn (and/or practice) manual artefact generation procedure. Cost of deployment and maintenance;Cost of employee training;Risk of employees generating (and/or using) “invalid” artefacts;Risk of employees not learning (and/or practicing) manual artefact generation procedure;Risk of employees relying on automated services;Risk of information leakage. Cost of development and testing;Risk of providing an “invalid” service.
Benefit(s) Increased efficiency and productivity;Quality assurance. Increased efficiency and productivity;Quality assurance. Financial incentives (remuneration);Opportunities for marketing, branding and co-promotion.