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Table 1 Chemical structure sets used to measure performance

From: Efficient ring perception for the Chemistry Development Kit

Identifier n structures Description Available
chebi_108 26,790 ChEBI Release 108 [15]
nci_aug00 250,172 NCI Aug 2000 [16]
zinc_frag 504,074 Zinc Clean Fragments
   Ph7 2013-04-12 [17]  
chembl_17 1,318,180 ChEMBL Release 17 [18]
zinc_leads 5,135,179 Zinc Clean Leads Ph7 2013-05-31 [17]
  1. The number of structures is the number which were successfully read from SMILES [19] notation. The ChEBI and ChEMBL datasets had a small number erroneous SMILES string which could not be interpreted.