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Table 1 Basic score and modifiers for calculation of term A

From: Beryllium10: a free and simple tool for creating and managing group safety data sheets

No. GHS pictogram (description) Basic score Modifier
01 Explosive (exploding bomb) 300 -
02 Flammable (flame) 100 Doubled, if flash point is below 100 °C
03 Oxidizing (flame over circle) 200 Doubled, if flash point is below 100 °C
04 Compressed Gas (gas cylinder) 50 -
05 Corrosive (corrosion on hand and surface) 100 -
06 Toxic (skull and crossbones) 500 -
07 Irritant (exclamation mark) 50 -
08 Health hazard (health hazard) 100 -
09 Environmentally damaging (fish and tree) 100 Multiplied by (WGK + 1)
  Every pictogram   Score is doubled, if signal word is ‘Danger’
  1. A basic score was assigned to each GHS pictogram. This score may be altered by the listed modifiers. See text in section ‘Be10-Points’ for more details.