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Table 1 Examples of chemical entity recognition applications.

From: CheNER: a tool for the identification of chemical entities and their classes in biomedical literature

Applications Availability
ProMiner [10] CL
Whatizit [11] F
Chemical Reader (MDL and TEMIS) [12] CL
Oscar3/4 [13, 14] F
K&K CRF [15, 16] NA
ChemicalTagger [17] F
SureChem [18] CL (TVA)
ChemFinder (ChemBioFinder) [19] CL (TVA)
Chemical Name Spotter UIMA,IBM [20] CL
ChemSpot[21] F
CheNER[22] F
  1. CL: Commercial License, NA: Not Available, F: Free, TVA: Trial Version Available