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Table 2 Additional chemical dictionaries used by LeadMine.

From: LeadMine: a grammar and dictionary driven approach to entity recognition

Dictionary Number of terms Example Construction methodology
Alloy 206 pig iron Manually constructed
Allotrope 72 red phosphorus Manually constructed
Common chemical abbreviation 224 TMEDA Manually constructed
Common trivial chemical name 574 adam's catalyst Manually constructed
Drug name 11397 vancomycin Manually constructed
Element 227 protactinium Manually constructed
Generic chemical class 2254 quaternary amine Manually constructed
Generic chemical class from ChEBI 3917 keto steroids Derived from ChEBI [10] terms that are referenced in an "is a" relationship by another term
Mineral 5100 paragonite International Mineralogical Association names with some manual additions
Non-structural chemical classes 18 bronsted lowry acid Manually constructed. Terms that do not strictly convey structural information but were nonetheless annotated in the corpus
One heavy atom substituent 11 methyl Manually constructed
Polymer 531 polyethylene glycol 8000 Manually constructed. Biochemical polymers blocked by another dictionary
Wikipedia 171 beefy meaty peptide Terms from Wikipedia chemboxes not matched by our other dictionaries