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Table 1 Detailed overview of resources and tools integrated into the WikiHyperGlossary system

From: WikiHyperGlossary (WHG): an information literacy technology for chemistry documents

Product Description Version
Software Architecture Tools
 Perl General purpose programming language. 5.10.1
 Catalyst Model View Controller framework for the Perl language. 5.90007
 ExtJS JavaScript application framework for building interactive web applications. 3.x
 MySQL MySQL is an open source database management system. 14.12
Integrated Applications
 JSmol JSmol extends the Java-based molecular visualization applet Jmol ( to an HTML5 JavaScript-only web app. 14.0.2
 JSME JSME is a free molecule editor written in JavaScript. 2012-06-28
 TinyMCE TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor module. 3.0
 Balloon Balloon creates 3D atomic coordinates from molecular connectivity data via distance geometry and conformer ensembles using a multi-objective genetic algorithm.
Web Services
 ChemEdDL Models 360 2014
 ChemSpider ChemSpider is a free chemical structure database with access to a range of web services. 2014
• SMILESToInChI (Convert Smiles to InChI)
• Convert (Uses OpenBabel Internally to convert)
• GetCompoundThumbnail
• SimpleSearch
CACTUS This service resolves different chemical structure identifiers and allows converting a given structure identifier into another representation or structure identifier. 13th December 2014 14:13