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Table 6 Drug target interactions with association values from different databases

From: Optimizing drug–target interaction prediction based on random walk on heterogeneous networks

Protein Drug Source Activity Tpe Activity μM
5HT2A Carvedilol Pubchem AID 625192 IC50 0.41
5HT2A Desloratadine Pubchem AID 625192 IC50 0.033
KCNH2 Lidocaine ChEMBL IC50 263.02
ADRB1 Salmetorol ChEMBL IC50 0.501
5HT1A Amphetamine PDSP database Ki 6.6
HDAC2 Atorvastatin ChEMBL IC50 22.5
ADA1A Duloxentine PDSP Ki 10
ACM1 Montelukast Pubchem AID 625153 IC50 8.045
SC6A4 Quetiapine PDSP Ki 10