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Fig. 5

From: vSDC: a method to improve early recognition in virtual screening when limited experimental resources are available

Fig. 5

Comparison between the results of SDC and the isolated programs for the DUD-E proteins. ae The black curve is the same in all five panels. Each black dot of this curve corresponds to the number of molecules (nCM) common to the four programs, within the cutoff value of 2× SD, versus the protein identification number. This identification number was attributed to the proteins to have the curve sorted in the ascending order. For each protein, the number of actives found within the nCM (or n test ) molecules is represented as a red dot. The red curves drawn for SDC and the four isolated programs show that there are more actives obtained with SDC, since its red curve is the closest to the black one (the number of actives is almost equal to nCM). f This panel summarizes the results observed in panels ae, by showing for each method the percentage of proteins for which at least one hit was found (\(T_{h > 0}\))

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