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Table 1 Instrumental operational conditions and measurement by LA–ICP–MS

From: LA-iMageS: a software for elemental distribution bioimaging using LA–ICP–MS data

Instrument settings
Nebulizer Meinhard
Spray chamber Cyclonic
RF power (W) 1300
Nebulizer gas flow (L min−1) 1.0
Auxiliary gas flow (L min−1) 2.0
Data acquisition parameters
Reading mode Peak hopping
Detector mode Pulse
Sweeps 3
Dwell time (ms) 30
Integration time (ms) 270 (for each point)
Detector dead time (ns) 60
Lens voltage (V) Automatic mode
Monitored isotopes 12C, 63Cu and 31P
Laser conditions
Wavelength of Nd:YAG laser (nm) 213
Laser ablation intensity (%) 50
Frequency (Hz) 20
Spot size (µm) 12
Scan speed (µm s−1) 10
Resolution—X axis (µm) 2.7
Resolution—Y axis (µm) 15