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Table 1 The classification criteria of positive and negative responses to a chemical

From: SkinSensDB: a curated database for skin sensitization assays

Assay type Criteria Classification
DPRA/PPRA Peptide depletion ≤ 6.38% Negative
Peptide depletion > 6.38% Positive
KeratinoSens/LuSens EC1.5 ≥ 1000 µM Negative
EC1.5 < 1000 µM Positive
h-CLAT Neither CD86 EC150 nor CD54 EC200 was determined Negative
CD86 EC150 ≤ CV75 or CD54 EC200 ≤ CV75 Positive
LLNA SI < 3 Negative
SI ≥ 3 Positive
  1. EC effective concentration, CV75 75% cell viability, SI stimulation index