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Table 1 Overlapping challenges between Category 1 and Categories 2 and 3

From: Critical Assessment of Small Molecule Identification 2016: automated methods

Name Category 1 Categories 2 and 3 Mode
Creatinine Challenge-010 Challenge-084 Positive
Anthrone Challenge-011 Challenge-162 Positive
Flavone Challenge-012 Challenge-166 Positive
Medroxyprogesterone Challenge-013 Challenge-184 Positive
Abietic acid Challenge-014 Challenge-207 Positive
Estrone-3-(\(\upbeta\)-d-glucuronide) Challenge-015 Challenge-034 Negative
Alizarin Challenge-016 Challenge-045 Negative
Thyroxine Challenge-017 Challenge-048 Negative
Purpurin Challenge-018 Challenge-054 Negative
Monensin Challenge-019 Challenge-079 Negative