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Table 3 Categorised barriers of ELN adoption from the Dial a Molecule iLabber Pilot Project: Potential Uses of ELNs in Academia Survey

From: Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper?

Category Barriers Percentage of 169 (%)
Cost Up front costs and licensing fees 74
Additional infrastructure costs (e.g. computers) 27
Future development and costs of applications 90
On-going costs of the system 93
ELN attitude Only makes sense if the whole department adopts it 20
Belief that students/post docs would resist adoption 11
Ease of Use ELN was too difficult to use 22
Does not capture the right information for me 7
Difficult to capture some kinds of information in an ELN 80
ELN access You’d need to enter data in both the lab and write-up area 74
No easy access to appropriate hardware in the lab 12.5
Data compatibility Data will be tied into a commercial package 84
Other Other 11