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Table 6 How the proposed system could mitigate the barriers elicited from the Dial a Molecule iLabber Pilot Project: potential uses of ELNs in Academia Survey

From: Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper?

Barrier Mitigation
Cost (3.1) ELN would be free
Ease of use (3.2) Using a pre-existing Electronic Notebook would mean users are already be familiar with the system and rather than building the notebooking side from scratch it would use a tried and tested product
Attitudes to ELNs (3.3) Adding a domain/semantic layer to software scientists already use might improve attitudes towards this type of ELN
Access to ELNs (3.4) A cloud based ELN can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection on any desktop or mobile device (including phones and tablets)
Software and system integration and compatibility (3.5) Cloud software is platform independent
Data compatibility and portability (3.6) Using cloud software to store data means it can be accessed across multiple devices. The cloud notebook would allow the user to export their research data in a variety of common data formats.