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Table 9 Featured selected for the \(TiO_{2} |Cu_{2} O\) libraries by the various methods

From: RANdom SAmple Consensus (RANSAC) algorithm for material-informatics: application to photovoltaic solar cells

Library Activity RANSAC GP kNN
\(TiO_{2} |Cu_{2} O\) (Ag) J SC \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\)
V OC \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\)
IQE \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\)
\(TiO_{2} |Cu_{2} O\) (Ag|Cu) J SC \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\), Ratio
V OC \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\), Ratio
IQE \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}} ,d_{{TiO_{2} }}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\) \(d_{{Cu_{2} o}}\), Ratio