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Table 5 Wilcoxon paired signed-rank test was employed to compare the performance of DNN against the rest algorithms NB, kNN, RF and SVM across the datasets, with confidence intervals 99%

From: Deep-learning: investigating deep neural networks hyper-parameters and comparison of performance to shallow methods for modeling bioactivity data

Algorithms Mean MCC diff. SD of MCC diff. p value
DNN-NB 0.149 0.061 4.768E−07
DNN-kNN 0.092 0.095 4.768E−07
DNN-SVM (linear) 0.052 0.031 3.2E−5
DNN-RF 0.021 0.016 8.6E−5
DNN-SVM (rbf) 0.009 0.012 5.075E−4
  1. Below are reported the means and standard deviations of the observed MCC for each algorithm and the p value