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Fig. 9

From: Data driven polypharmacological drug design for lung cancer: analyses for targeting ALK, MET, and EGFR

Fig. 9

a Overlay of ALK (red PDBID: 3LCS), MET (blue PDBID: 2WKM), and EGFR (magenta PDBID: 3IKA) showing the relative positions of the tricycle inhibitor (here, from WZ4002 as stick model) and gatekeeper+7 targetable cysteine residue of EGFR. b Surface plot to show the relative positions of the gatekeeper+7 cysteine of EGFR (magenta surface) and crizotinib (modelled by superposition of the crizotinib-MET complex (PDBID: 2WGJ) with EGFR

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