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Table 1 Endpoint datasets in the PHYSPROP database

From: OPERA models for predicting physicochemical properties and environmental fate endpoints

Property abbreviation Property Source SD file
AOH Atmospheric hydroxylation rate EPI_AOP_Data_SDF.sdf
BCF Bioconcentration factor EPI_BCF_Data_SDF.sdf
BioHL Biodegradability half-life EPI_BioHC_Data_SDF.sdf
BP Boiling point EPI_Boil_Pt_Data_SDF.sdf
HL Henry’s Law constant EPI_Henry_Data_SDF.sdf
KM Fish biotransformation half-life EPI_KM_Data_SDF.sdf
KOA Octanol–air partition coefficient EPI_KOA_Data_SDF.sdf
KOC Soil adsorption coefficient EPI_PCKOC_Data_SDF.sdf
logP Octanol–water partition coefficient EPI_Kowwin_Data_SDF.sdf
MP Melting point EPI_Melt_Pt_Data_SDF.sdf
RB Readily biodegradable EPI_Biowin_Data_SDF.sdf
VP Vapor pressure EPI_VP_Data_SDF.sdf
WS Water solubility EPI_Wskowwin_Data_SDF.sdf