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Fig. 17

From: Finding the K best synthesis plans

Fig. 17

Figure illustrating algorithm Back-Branch. Within the graph H a hyperpath is marked red. Branching is performed along this hyperpath using the hyperarc order \(\langle p(A),p(B),p(D),p(E),p(t) \rangle\). The resulting hypergraphs \(H^5, H^4, \ldots , H^1\) are also depicted. Thick hyperarcs are fixed, which results in the deletion of the gray, dotted hyperarcs. The red, dashed hyperarc in each hypergraph is the hyperarc at which the deviation takes place, and thus, this hyperarc is also deleted. a H. b \(H^5\). c \(H^4\). d \(H^3\). e \(H^2\). f \(H^1\)

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