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Table 2 Verification of the top 50 predicted miRNAs associated with SMs based on published references

From: Inferring potential small molecule–miRNA association based on triple layer heterogeneous network

SM MiRNA Evidence SM MiRNA Evidence
CID:3385 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:5757 hsa-mir-125b-1 Unconfirmed
CID:448537 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:448537 hsa-mir-125b-2 Unconfirmed
CID:5757 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:3385 hsa-mir-29b-1 Unconfirmed
CID:5311 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:448537 hsa-mir-145 Unconfirmed
CID:3229 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:5311 hsa-mir-125b-1 Unconfirmed
CID:451668 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:451668 hsa-mir-146a 24885368
CID:60750 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:3385 hsa-mir-143 19843160
CID:448537 hsa-mir-21 28265775 CID:448537 hsa-mir-221 Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-155 28515355 CID:3385 hsa-mir-122 24898807
CID:5311 hsa-mir-21 Unconfirmed CID:5757 hsa-mir-34a Unconfirmed
CID:448537 hsa-mir-155 Unconfirmed CID:3385 hsa-let-7b 25789066
CID:5288826 hsa-mir-219-a Unconfirmed CID:60750 hsa-mir-146a Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-146a 28466779 CID:3385 hsa-mir-1-1 Unconfirmed
CID:5757 hsa-mir-155 23568502 CID:5757 hsa-mir-20a Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-125b-1 Unconfirmed CID:3229 hsa-mir-17 Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-34a 25333573 CID:3385 hsa-mir-181a-1 Unconfirmed
CID:3229 hsa-mir-155 Unconfirmed CID:5757 hsa-mir-125b-2 Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-125b-2 Unconfirmed CID:3385 hsa-mir-1-2 Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-145 24447928 CID:448537 hsa-mir-29a Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-221 27501171 CID:448537 hsa-mir-18a Unconfirmed
CID:448537 hsa-mir-146a Unconfirmed CID:5757 hsa-mir-145 28011237
CID:3385 hsa-mir-126 Unconfirmed CID:5311 hsa-mir-20a 25393367
CID:448537 hsa-mir-125b-1 Unconfirmed CID:60750 hsa-mir-125b-1 Unconfirmed
CID:5311 hsa-mir-146a 24107356 CID:60750 hsa-mir-17 Unconfirmed
CID:3385 hsa-mir-19b-1 Unconfirmed CID:3385 hsa-mir-223 Unconfirmed
  1. The first column records top 1–25 related miRNAs. The second column records the top 26–50 related miRNAs