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Table 18 Examples of successful normalisations determined by HYPHEN in PHAEDRA

From: Annotation and detection of drug effects in text for pharmacovigilance

Original Term Category Transformations Concept ID assigned
Technique Variant generated
supratherapeutic INRs Disorder (1) Acronym disambiguation supratherapeutic international normalized ratios UMLS: C0853225
(2) Plural to singular supratherapeutic international normalized ratio
cutaneous pigmentation Disorder Neoclassical-English skin pigmentation UMLS: C1269684
liver toxicity Disorder English-Neoclassical hepatic toxicity UMLS: C0348754
abnormalities in liver function tests Disorder Syntactic variant generation abnormal liver function tests UMLS: C0151766
immunosuppression Pharmacological substance Syntactic variant generation immunosuppressant MeSH: D007166
antihistaminics Pharmacological substance Synonym generation antihistamines MeSH: D006633
convulsive seizures Disorder (1) Plural to singular convulsive seizure UMLS: C0036572
(2) Syntactic variant generation convulsion seizure
(3) Synonym generation fit-convulsion