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Table 1 Official evaluation results of the TIPS task (time values are in seconds)

From: MER: a shell script and annotation server for minimal named entity recognition and linking

  MER Best
# Requests 3.19E+05 3.19E+05
# Predictions 7.13E+06 2.74E+07
Mean time seek annotations (MTSA) 1.29E−01 s 1.37E−02 s
Mean time per document volume (MTDV) 2.38E−03 bytes/s 8.58E−04 bytes/s
Mean annotations per document (MAD) 2.25E+01 1.01E+02
Average response time (ART) 2.90E+00 s 1.07E+00 s
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 4.58E+06 s 4.58E+06 s
Mean time to repair (MTTR) 0.00E+00 s 0.00E+00 s