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Table 2 Concept Knowledge Base (CKB)

From: Statistical principle-based approach for gene and protein related object recognition

Class Name Description Examples
Attribute BiologicalProcess GeneOntology “apoptosis”, “inhibitory”
Chemical ChEBI “glucose”, “sodium”
Disease MeSH term “leukemia”, “tumor”
Morphology Keyword “mononuclear”, “fibroblastic”
OrganTissue SWISS-PROT “kidney”, “mesenchymal”
Taxonomy NCBI Taoxonomy “feline”, “murine”
Structure ExPAsy “motif”, “zinc finger”
NEKeyword CellKeyword Regular expression “cell”, “lymphocyte”
CellLineKeyword Regular expression “cell line”, “clone”
DNAKeyword Regular expression “DNA”, “promoter”
ProteinKeyword Regular expression “protein”, “factor”
RNAKeyword Regular expression “mRNA”, “transcript”
Symbol CellLineSymbol CLDB “A549”, “BFTC905”
CellTypeSymbol ExPAsy “PBMC”, “HUVEC”
ChromosomeSymbol Regular expression “11p15”, “14q32.1”
GeneSymbol Entrez and PubTator “TNF alpha”, “VEGF”
Others Conjunction GENIATagger “and”, “or”
Preposition GENIATagger “in”, “of”
Specifier Regular expression “alpha”, “I”