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Fig. 8

From: Software solutions for evaluation and visualization of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry imaging (LA-ICP-MSI) data: a short overview

Fig. 8

The mass spectrometry imaging software msIQuant. The program msIQuant is an open access, instrument- and manufacturer-independent software for visualization. The graphical user interface of msIQuant has four windows. The “Project Explorer” displays basic information about the experiment, the “Spectra view” displays the average and maximum intensity of spectra measured in the sample, the “Mass list view” provides information about center and mass range, while the “Image view” contains scaled information about the distribution of the selected ion within the sample. The depicted example was taken from the included sample file “Aspergillus”. Details about the software development, necessary data formats, quantitation, and performance of the MSI software are given elsewhere [66]

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