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Table 3 Parameter space of stanford named entity recognizer used in our experiments. The column Possible values describe the range of the parameters. The parameter setting with the best value is highlighted in italic

From: CRFVoter: gene and protein related object recognition using a conglomerate of CRF-based tools

Parameter Possible values
useClassFeature [true,false]
useWord [true,false]
useNGrams [true,false]
noMidNGrams [true,false]
normalizeTerms [true,false]
usePosition [true,false]
useNeighborNGrams [true,false]
useMoreNeighborNGrams [true,false]
usePrev [true,false]
useNext [true,false]
useTags [true,false]
useWordPairs [true,false]
useDisjunctive [true,false]
useSequences [true,false]
usePrevSequences [true,false]
useNextSequences [true,false]
useLongSequences [true,false]
useTaggySequences [true,false]
useSymWordPairs [true,false]
useSymTags [true,false]
useTypeSeqs [true,false]
useTypeSeqs2 [true,false]
useTypeySequences [true,false]
wordShape chris2useLC
maxLeft [1,2,3,4,5,6]
maxRight [1,2,3,4,5,6]
maxNGramLeng [1,2,3,4,5,6]
sloppyGazette [true,false]
useGazFeatures [true,false]
useWordTag [true,false]
useWideDisjunctive [true,false]
useLemmas [true,false]
usePrevNextLemmas [true,false]