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Table 1 Standard units for Mixfile and MInChI, shown with corresponding term from the Units Ontology [22]

From: Capturing mixture composition: an open machine-readable format for representing mixed substances

Common URIa MInChI Scale
% UO_0000187 pp 1
w/v% UO_0000164 wv 0.01
w/w% UO_0000163 wf 0.01
v/v% UO_0000205 vf 0.01
mol/mol% UO_0000076 mf 0.01
mol/L UO_0000062 mr 1
mmol/L UO_0000063 mr 1E−3
μmol/L UO_0000064 mr 1E−6
nmol/L UO_0000065 mr 1E−9
pmol/L UO_0000066 mr 1E−12
g/L UO_0000175 wv 1E−3
mg/L UO_0000273 wv 1E−6
μg/L UO_0000275 wv 1E−9
mol/kg UO_0000068 mb 1
ratio UO_0000190 vp 1
  1. aURI prefix: