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Table 2 Equations of the TIPS track evaluation metrics

From: Next generation community assessment of biomedical entity recognition web servers: metrics, performance, interoperability aspects of BeCalm

Name Equation
MTBF \( \left( {\sum \left( {start\; of\; downtime\left( {failure\; n + 1} \right) - start\; of\; uptime\left( {failure\; n} \right)} \right) } \right)/\left( {number \;of \;failures } \right) \)
MTTR \( \left( {\sum \left( {end\; of\; downtime\left( n \right) - start \;of\; downtime\left( n \right)} \right)} \right)/\left( {number \;of \;failures} \right) \)
MAD \( \left( {total\; number\; of \;annotations} \right)/\left( {total\; number\; of \;responses} \right) \)
MTDV \( \left( {\sum \;response\; time} \right)/\left( {\sum \; document \;size} \right) \)
MTSA \( \left( {\sum \;response\; time} \right)/\left( {total \;number \;of\; annotations} \right) \)
ART \( \left( {\sum \;response\; time} \right)/\left( {total \;number\; of \;responses} \right) \)