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Table 6 TIPS evaluation data

From: Next generation community assessment of biomedical entity recognition web servers: metrics, performance, interoperability aspects of BeCalm

ID #Requests #Predictions MTSA MTDV MAD ART MTBF MTTR
103 3.19E+05 6.70E+05 7.58E−01 1.32E−03 2.13E+00 1.61E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
106 3.12E+05 4.07E+06 8.59E−02 9.42E−04 1.34E+01 1.15E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
107 2.95E+05 1.14E+06 2.85E+02 1.00E+00 4.27E+00 1.22E+03 4.62E+05 2.23E+05
108 1.23E+05 0.00E+00 a 3.03E−02 0.00E+00 3.63E+01 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
111 3.11E+05 5.59E+05 3.55E+02 6.48E−01 2.27E+00 8.06E+02 5.19E+05 2.12E+04
114 3.19E+05 4.78E+06 1.21E−01 1.48E−03 1.51E+01 1.82E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
116 2.29E+05 2.31E+06 3.83E+02 7.55E+00 2.35E+01 9.01E+03 8.11E+04 4.65E+05
117 3.19E+05 7.13E+06 1.29E−01 2.38E−03 2.25E+01 2.90E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
120 2.91E+05 2.74E+07 1.37E−02 1.15E−03 1.01E+02 1.39E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
121 3.19E+05 3.30E+06 1.18E−01 9.96E−04 1.04E+01 1.22E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
122 3.16E+05 4.42E+06 7.23E−02 8.58E−04 1.48E+01 1.07E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
124 4.98E+04 2.98E+04 1.55E+01 4.49E−02 3.29E+00 5.14E+01 1.17E+06 6.09E+04
126 4.98E+04 3.22E+04 1.50E+01 5.00E−02 3.69E+00 5.58E+01 5.86E+05 8.98E+04
127 3.19E+05 2.79E+06 4.20E−01 3.07E−03 8.90E+00 3.74E+00 4.58E+06 0.00E+00
128 1.87E+05 8.57E+05 5.44E+02 6.35E+00 1.38E+01 7.52E+03 1.73E+05 1.47E+05
  1. Bolditalic data represents the top values for each metric
  2. aThis server provided empty prediction files for all requests