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Table 1 Optional parameters used in PUG-View requests

From: PUG-View: programmatic access to chemical annotations integrated in PubChem

Parameter Value Description
Page n (integer) Retrieves the nth page of the output data when the data is paginated. This option is useful when downloading the annotations under a specific heading for all compounds
Version n (for a substance)
n.m (for an assay)
Retrieves the data for a particular version of a substance or assay record. A version number for a substance is an integer. A version number for an assay record is in the form of n.m (where both n and m are integers)
Heading (Sub)heading name Retrieves data presented in a specified (sub)heading. If the (sub)heading name provided as an optional parameter (i.e., as a URL argument) contains the “space” character, it may be replaced with a plus (“+”) character
Source Data source name Retrieves annotation data from a specified source
Callback func JSONP callback function name, used mainly in dynamic data retrieval by JavaScript
Response_type Save or display Save the returned data (for response_type = save) or displays them on the web browser (for response_type = display)
Toc TOC name Retrieves annotation data organized differently than the default for a given record; such as the PubChem Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (for TOC name = LCSS)