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Table 2 The most frequently cited references from specific reference publication years cited by DFT publications for the time period 1900–1949

From: A comprehensive analysis of the history of DFT based on the bibliometric method RPYS

NoRPYCited referenceNCR
CR161901Wulff, G. Zur Frage der Geschwindigkeit des Wachsthums und der Auflösung der Krystallflächen (On the question of the rate of growth and dissolution of crystal surfaces), Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 34, 449–530107
CR171905Einstein, A. Motion of suspended particles in stationary liquids required from the molecular kinetic theory of heat, Annalen der Physik 17, 549–56033
CR181908Mie, G. Contributions to the Optics of Turbid Media, Especially Colloidal Metal Solutions, Annalen der Physik 25, 377–44541
CR191910Gouy, G. Sur la constitution de la charge electrique a la surface d’un electrolyte (Constitution of the Electric Charge at the Surface of an Electrolyte), Journal de Physique Théorique et Appliquée 9, 457–46835
CR201910Lindemann, F. Über die Berechnungen molekularer Eigenfrequenzen (The Calculation of Molecular Vibration Frequencies), Physikalische Zeitschrift 11, 609–61227
CR211916Lewis, G. The atom and the molecule, Journal of the American Chemical Society 38, 762–78549
CR221921Ewald, P. Die Berechnung optischer und elektrostatischer Gitterpotentiale (The calculation of optical and electrostatic grid potentials), Annalen der Physik 64, 253–287150
CR231921Vegard, L. Die Konstitution der Mischkristalle und die Raumfüllung der Atom (The constitution of mixed crystals and the space occupied by atoms), Zeitschrift für Physik 5, 17–2689
CR241927Thomas, L. The calculation of atomic fields, Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 23, 542–548275
CR251927Fermi, E. A statistical method for determining some properties of the atom, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 6, 602–507145
CR261927Born, M.; Oppenheimer, R. Zur Quantentheorie der Molekeln (Quantum theory of the molecules), Annalen der Physik 84, 457–484101
CR271928Fermi, E. Eine statistische Methode zur Bestimmung einiger Eigenschaften des Atoms und ihre Anwendung auf die Theorie des periodischen Systems der Elemente (The statistical deduction of some properties of the atom and their application on the theory of the periodic system of elements), Zeitschrift für Physik 48, 73–79233
CR281928Voigt, W. Lehrbuch der Kristallphysik (Textbook on crystal physics), Teubner: Leipzig and Berlin (first published 1910)172
CR291928Hartree, D., The wave mechanics of an atom with a non-coulomb central field. I. Theory and methods, Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 24, 89–11095
CR301929Reuss, A., Berechnung der Fließgrenze von Mischkristallen auf Grund der Plastizitätsbedingung für Einkristalle (Calculation of flow limits of mixed crystals on the basis of plasticity of single crystals), Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik 9, 49–58207
CR311929Dirac, P., Quantum mechanics of many-electron systems, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 123, 714–733196
CR321930Dirac, P., Exchange phenomena in the Thomas atom, Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 26, 376–385570
CR331930Fock, V., Näherungsmethode zur Lösung des quantenmechanischen Mehrkörperproblems (Approximation method for the solution of the quantum mechancial many-body problem), Zeitschrift fuer Physik 61, 126–148129
CR341930Eckart, C., The penetration of a potential barrier by electrons, Physical Review 35, 1303–1309113
CR351931Hückel, E., Quantum-theoretical contributions to the benzene problem. I. The electron configuration of benzene and related compounds, Zeitschrift fuer Physik 70, 204–286110
CR361932Wigner, E., Crossing of potential thresholds in chemical reactions, Zeitschrift fuer physikalische Chemie B 19, 203–216121
CR371934Møller, C.; Plesset, M., Note on an approximation treatment for many-electron systems, Physical Review 46, 618–6222243
CR381934Koopmans, T., Über die Zuordnung von Wellenfunktionen und Eigenwerten zu den einzelnen Elektronen eines Atoms (On the assignment of wave functions and eigenvalues to the specific electrons of an atom), Physica 1, 104–113490
CR391935von Weizsäcker, C., Zur Theorie der Kernmassen (The theory of nuclear masses), Zeitschrift fuer Physik 96, 431–458270
CR401935Eyring, H., Activated complex in chemical reactions, Journal of Chemical Physics 3, 107–115214
CR411936Onsager, L., Electric moments of molecules in liquids, Journal of the American Chemical Society 58, 1486–1493446
CR421937London, F., Théorie quantique des courants interatomiques dans les combinaisons aromatiques (Quantum theory of interatomic currents in aromatic compounds), 1937, Journal de Physique et Le Radium 8, 397–409412
CR431937Hellmann, H., Einführung in die Quantenchemie (Introduction to quantum chemistry), Deuticke: Leipzig und Wien178
CR441937Jahn, H.; Teller, E., Stability of Polyatomic Molecules in Degenerate Electronic States. I. Orbital Degeneracy, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 161, 220–235158
CR451938Evans, M.; Polanyi, M., Inertia and driving force of chemical reactions, Transactions of the Faraday Society 34, 11–24153
CR461939Feynman, R., Forces in molecules, Physical Review 56, 340–343304
CR471942Pitzer, K.S.; Gwinn, W.D., Energy levels and thermodynamic functions for molecules with internal rotation. I. Rigid frame with attached tops, The Journal of Chemical Physics 10, 428111
CR481944Murnaghan, F., The compressibility of media under extreme pressures, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) 30, 244–247739
CR491945Herzberg, G., 1945, Infrared and Raman Spectra of Polyatomic Molecules, Van Nostrand: New York173
CR501947Birch, F., Finite Elastic Strain of Cubic Crystals, Physical Review 71, 809–824377
  1. For each cited reference, a sequential number (No), the corresponding reference publication year (RPY), and the number of cited references (NCR) within the publication set is provided