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Table 3 The most frequently cited references from specific reference publication years cited by DFT publications for the time period 1950–1989

From: A comprehensive analysis of the history of DFT based on the bibliometric method RPYS

NoRPYCited referenceNCR
CR511951Slater J., A Simplification of the HartreeFock Method, Physics Reviews 81, 385–390737
CR521951Roothaan, C., New developments in molecular orbital theory, Reviews of Modern Physics 23, 69–89381
CR531955Mulliken, R., Electronic population analysis on LCAO-MO molecular wave functions, Journal of Chemical Physics 23, 1833–18401700
CR541964Hohenberg, P.; Kohn, W., Inhomogeneous electron gas, Physical Review B 136, 864–8718213
CR551965Kohn, W.; Sham, L.J., Self-consistent equations including exchange and correlation effects, Physical Review A 140, 1133–11389634
CR561970Boys, S.; Bernardt, F., The calculation of small molecular interactions by the differences of separate total energies. Some procedures with reduced errors, Molecular Physics 19, 553–5663196
CR571972Hehre,W., Self-consistent molecular orbital methods. XII. Further extensions of Gaussian-type basis sets for use in molecular orbital studies of organic molecules, Journal of Chemical Physics 56, 2257–22612659
CR581973Hariharan, P., Influence of polarization functions on MO hydrogenation energies, Theoretica Chimica Acta 28, 213–2223001
CR591973Baerends, E., Self-consistent molecular HartreeFock-Slater calculations. I. Computational procedure, Chemical Physics 2, 41–511258
CR601976Monkhorst, H., Special points for Brillouin-zone integrations, Physical Review B 13, 5188–51926506
CR611980Vosko, S., Accurate spin-dependent electron liquid correlation energies for local spin density calculations: a critical analysis, Canadian Journal of Physics 58, 1200–12116046
CR621985Hay, P., Ab initio effective core potentials for molecular calculations—potentials For K to Au including the outermost core orbitals, Journal of Chemical Physics, 82, 299–3103920
CR631985Hay, P., Ab initio effective core potentials for molecular calculations—potentials for the transition-metal atoms Sc to Hg, Journal of Chemical Physics, 82, 270–2832995
CR641986Perdew, J., Density-functional approximation for the correlation energy of the inhomogeneous electron gas, Physical Review B 33, 8822–88246106
CR651988Lee, C., Development of the Colle-Salvetti correlation-energy formula into a functional of the electron density, Physical Review B 37, 785–78923,953
CR661988Becke, A., Density-functional exchange-energy approximation with correct asymptotic behavior, 1988, Physical Review A 38, 3098–310014,150
  1. For each cited reference, a sequential number (No), the corresponding reference publication year (RPY), and the number of cited references (NCR) within the publication set is provided