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Table 2 The equations used to determine path structure features

From: DTiGEMS+: drug–target interaction prediction using graph embedding, graph mining, and similarity-based techniques

Score description Equation
The meta-path score is the product of all the edge weight scores from the start drug node to the ending target node in each path structure \(score\left( {d_{i} ,t_{j} ,h, q} \right) = \mathop \prod \limits_{{\forall e_{x} \in P_{q} }} \left( {w_{x} } \right)\)
The sum of all meta-path scores for each path structure (Sum feature) \(SumScore\left( {d_{i} ,t_{j} ,h} \right) = \mathop \sum \limits_{{\forall P_{q} \in R_{ijh} }} score\left( {d_{i} ,t_{j} ,h,q} \right)\)
The max path score is the highest meta-path score under each path structure (Max feature) \(MaxScore\left( {d_{i} ,t_{j} ,h} \right) = MAX_{{\forall P_{q} \in R_{ijh} }} \left( {score\left( {d_{i} ,t_{j} ,h,q} \right)} \right)\)