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Table 4 The table represents the predicted activity of known inhibitors for two compounds

From: Predicting target profiles with confidence as a service using docking scores

CHEMBL ID Receptor 1 Receptor 2 Prediction receptor 1 Prediction receptor 2
CHEMBL118 3LN1 1BNU Active Active
CHEMBL122708 3ERD 1BNU Active Unknown
CHEMBL15841 3ERD 1BNU active Inactive
CHEMBL165 3ERD 1BNU Active Active
CHEMBL1782957 3ERD 1BNU Active Active
CHEMBL1782958 3ERD 1BNU Active Unknown
CHEMBL255863 1QCF 1BNU Unknown Active
CHEMBL4075710 3ERD 1BNU Active Active
CHEMBL66879 3ERD 1BNU Active Unknown
  1. Following is the list of 9 compounds with reasonable amount of affinity for a couple of targets to perform polypharmacology validation