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Table 1 Comparison of tools and methods published

From: A review of optical chemical structure recognition tools

Tool name Programming language used Operating System compatibility Open-source Commercial or free availability (2020) Ongoing development
Kekulé C +  +  Windows No Yes No
CLiDE Pro C +  +  Windows No Yes Yes
OSRA C +  +  Independent Yesa Yes Yes
ChemReader C +  +  Windows No No No
MolRec Unknown Unknown No No Unknown
Imago C +  +  Independent Yes Yes No
ChemOCR Java Independent No Yes Yes
ChemInfty Unknown Windows No No No
eChem Unknown Unknown No No No
MLOCSR Unknown Only Web interface No Only web interface Unknown
OCSR Unknown Unknown No No Unknown
ChemRobot Unknown Unknown No No Unknown
MolVec Java Independent Yes Yes Yes
MSE-DUDL Python Independent No No No
Chemgrapher Python Independent No No Yes
  1. aPrecompiled tool is only available commercially